“Play with Me”

Enjoy a unique series of weekly instructional videos that are FREE, fun, and highly effective.

Maestro Giuffredi is professor of trumpet at the
University Civic School of Milan – Claudio Abbado AFAM.

Andrea Giuffredi regularly offers Master Classes worldwide

Master Class Topics include:

• Developing and Improving General Trumpet Technique

• Identifying and Correcting Playing Issues

• Performing in the Italian Bel Canto Style

• Orchestral Repertoire

• Virtuoso Solo Repertoire

• Contemporary, Pop and Jazz Styles/Vocabulary

• Mental/Psychological Aspects of Playing/Performance Anxiety

• Stage Presence/Audience Engagement

Maestro Giuffredi’s performances posted on You Tube, Instagram, Facebook, and other Social Media have generated millions of views and are followed actively by fans and music lovers worldwide.