“Play with Me”

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Maestro Giuffredi is professor of trumpet at the
University Civic School of Milan – Claudio Abbado AFAM.

Andrea Giuffredi regularly offers Master Classes worldwide

Master Class Topics include:

• Developing and Improving General Trumpet Technique

• Identifying and Correcting Playing Issues

• Performing in the Italian Bel Canto Style

• Orchestral Repertoire

• Virtuoso Solo Repertoire

• Contemporary, Pop and Jazz Styles/Vocabulary

• Mental/Psychological Aspects of Playing/Performance Anxiety

• Stage Presence/Audience Engagement


Andrea Giuffredi and 100 thai trumpet students

Andrea Giuffredi master class in Bangkok

Maestro Giuffredi’s performances posted on You Tube, Instagram, Facebook, and other Social Media have generated millions of views and are followed actively by fans and music lovers worldwide.