Tribute to Luciano Pavarotti

Tribute to Luciano PavarottiReleased by SUMMIT RECORDS

Andrea Giuffredi trumpet


Tracks list

  1. Funiculì, Funiculà / L. Denza
  2. Madama Butterfly /Addio fiorito asil G. Puccini
  3. Torna a Surrient E. e G. De Curtis
  4. Pagliacci /Vesti la giubba R. Leoncavallo
  5. O paese d’ ‘o sole V. D’Annibale
  6. Comme facette mammeta / S. Gambardella
  7. Maria, Marì/ E. Di Capua
  8. Marechiare/ F. P. Tosti
  9. Un ballo in maschera /Di’ tu se fedele/ G. Verdi
  10. Machbet/ Ah, la paterna mano/ G. Verdi
  11. Trovatore /Di quella pira /G. Verdi
  12. Turandot/ Nessun dorma/ G. Puccini
  13. Manon Lescaut /Donna non vidi mai/G. Puccini
  14. O sole mio /E. Di Capua


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Forme d’arte

Forme d'arteReleased by SUMMIT RECORDS

“The project originates from the desire of finding acoustics, colours and expressions through an solo trumpet ensemble. I tried to recreate an orchestra of trumpets with a single soul, by playing all the instruments myself (overdubbing) and in particular a trumpet in B flat, C, D, E flat, a small trumpet, a treble flugelhorn in B/F, a slide trumpet in B flat in addition to sea shells able to recreate suggestive atmospheres.” (Andrea Giuffredi)

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  1. Il Ballo Dei Bambini
  2. La Ricreazione **
  3. La Finestra Sulla Strada
  4. Mercato All’alba **
  5. Il Giallo E L’azzurro Dei Giorni Del Pane
  6. Il Dialogo Coevo Del Cicisbeo
  7. Prologo
  8. Omaggio A Giancarlo Betti
  9. Porto D’inverno **
  10. L’accolito Allo Specchio
  11. Alieni Del Passato
  12. Passeggiata Dell’androgino **
  13. Il Silenzio Prende Forma
  14. Conferenza Ecumenica

Composer: D. Di Gregorio, music and texts

** Solo Parts on tracks 2, 4, 9, 12 are composed by A.Giuffredi

Listen Demo

Very original writing, concept and amazingly executed !

Randy Brecker

Giuffredi is clearly a master of pedal tones…amazing ensemble work…superb ensemble precision…
mind-boggling virtuosity…a stunning display of double-tonguing…Andrea Giuffredi has convinced me
that it is possible for a classical musician to use multiple over–dubs to produce something utterly taut and creative…a supremely confident excursion into a remarkable sound world.

American Record Guide (November/December 2002)

…in addition to his impressive technical skills, Andrea Giuffredi is a wonderful musician!

Brass Bulletin

…il virtuoso trombettista Italiano Andrea Giuffredi esibisce la sua notevole facilità con la sperimentazione musicale, dimostrando meravigliosamente la variata potenzialità del suo strumento…

New Classics (UK)

Giuffredi showcases his brilliant technical and musical abilities. He exhibits a gifted light yet strong tonguing technique,exceptional intonational awareness, warm tone, facile flexibility, and a true sense of the value of shaping lines to their utmost musical effect. Giuffredi’s ability to create multi-faceted and unique moods with the self-performed ensemble is outstanding throughout. This is a highly recommended and overall brilliant recording both in terms of music for trumpet ensemble and or Giuffredi as a soloist

ITG International Trumpet Guide (January 2002)

On this ambitious CD, the virtuoso Italian trumpet player Andrea Giuffredi shows his remarkable facility for musical experimentation, demonstrating the wonderfully expressive and varied potential of his instrument.

New Classics (UK)

Sincerely the result is just superb, the listener finds himself catapulted into an unexpected fascinating universe,
in which the instruments become embellished with an intelligent composition.

Radio Vaticana (Giugno 2002)

Phenomenal overdubbing to create a true trumpet orchestra. 14 cuts of original music.

Tap Music USA



L'anacoretaReleased by SUMMIT RECORDS

Andrea has multiplied himself as trumpeter, notably, he has used the technique of overdubbing, using almost all the trumpet family (B flat, C, D, and piccolo trumpet) to create ‘an orchestra of trumpets’. Andrea also enriches some tracks with digital piano, percussion, narrative voice, virtual group and computer programming. Randy Brecker special guest!

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  1. Antitesi ( Di Gregorio)
  2. Afrika (Bellafronte)
  3. L’Anacoreta (Giuffredi)
  4. Tribalismi (Giuffredi)
  5. Illusions (Di Gregorio)
  6. Il Ballo Cavallo (Di Gregorio)
  7. Hot Wind 8 (Ferro)
  8. Contrasto (Ferro)
  9. Notturno #1 (Di Gregorio)
  10. Omaggio A Giancarlo Betti ( Di Gregorio)
  11. Afterthoughts (Campo)
  12. Spiriti (Giuffredi)

Listen demo

Andrea Giuffredi’s 2005 release, entitled L’anacoreta, is one of the most original
and creative recordings that this reviewer has had the pleasure of hearing in some
time. Most tracks on the disc are for multiple trumpets (from 2 to 12) with each
part recorded and overdubbed by Giuffredi. Randy Brecker is a featured soloist on
two of the twelve tracks. Additional instrumental colors are provided by a variety
of trumpets in various keys, as well as flugelhorn, percussion, digital piano, and
virtual group (a kind of electronic rhythm section). The repertoire on this recording
is an eclectic mix of styles ranging from jazz and commercial to ethnic to contemporary
classical. Many tracks call for extended techniques, including extensive use of
the pedal register, and work with a variety of mutes. The performances demonstrate
Giuffredi’s versatility and impressive command of the instrument in all registers.
His range and flexibility are remarkable, and his technique is flawless. Additionally,
he is quite comfortable playing lead, jazz solo, and piccolo trumpet. Giuffredi
not only performed the entire project; he also composed two of the pieces on the
CD and did all of the recording, editing, and mixing. Words cannot capture the interesting
approach and intriguing repertoire on L’anacoreta. This reviewer highly recommends
purchasing this compact disc for any recording library. One is sure to be entertained
and impressed with the performance and repertoire.

(David Bohnert, associate professor of music, Wayne State College, Wayne, NE)

ITG journal october 2006

“…The last work of Andrea Giuffredi must be seen as a contemporary music job dedicated to the celebration of his own instrument, the trumpet. Giuffredi, who in italy worked with the most important symphonic orchestras, carryed out a curious and committing experiment, overdubbing by himself al the parts.

Some pieces are really suggestive (Afrika, Il Ballo Cavallo), other amusing (Tribalismi, which hint to Tammuriata Nera) but all of them cast a light on the musician’s virtuosity. Listening to such works, unfotunately, is very rare…”

from Jazzit, march/april 2006